Growth Curves for Venison Animals

This calculator will predict kill weights and calculate gross income from venison sales based on a 1 September average mob weight. You can adjust drafting weights and anticipated venison schedule to allow comparison of different finishing options. For comparison, an indication of average performance for venison finishing targeting average kill date 7 November at an average live weight of 101 kg is also shown.
The calculator displays:
  • Average draft date
  • Calculated average gross income
  • Average schedule
  • Percentage of mob drafted before April 30


In the box below, select the birth year for the mob you are monitoring. Set the target average live-weight in the following September to adjust the growth curve to your system. You can also set a default minimum live-weight cut-off for each draft. If you would like to have different cut-off weights throughout the season, you can adjust these (and the estimated venison schedule) in the 'Optional Drafting Settings' tab below.

Required settings


Optional settings
The estimated average growth of your mob has been calculated using your settings and is shown below (the green line). For comparison, an industry standard growth curve is also shown (the black line). You can also see the predicted value of each draft by clicking the 'Show Financial Table' tab above.

Download Draft Results Download Growth Curve